This is part of the lives of two people: Michael & Sandy.

We invite you look around, read that which you find interesting, and ignore anything you like.

Who we are:

Michael is a first and foremost a husband and father. He enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and televsion, and the communal storytelling that is role-playing games. He likes to write when he can overcome his anxiety over it. He is a member of the Cult of Apple, and continually craves new hardware and software like a junkie. He enjoys being with family and friends, eating well, and very much enjoys a very cold beer in a summer day. He is also arrogant, lazy, self-centered, and not nearly as smart as he wishes he were. Ah well, no one is perfect, Besides, that would make him boring.

Sandy. Sees trees in golden sunlight, watches stars fall, waves move. Curses in traffic, dislikes salespeople on principle (hers, thank you), enjoys all sorts of books, music, and art. Hates computers and works on them every day. Picks apart the knowledge of her friends like a box of chocolates, discards what she doesn’t like and enjoys what she does. Tries too hard to please all, and no-one, so most of the time she runs from one anxiety to another. Loves her boys with all her heart.