Walking to Santiago

Walking to Santiago

Well, I always thought that it would be a wonderful experience to walk the Camino de Santiago. 

So, as I was contemplating my 40th year on this big blue planet—that I have not seen nearly enough of—I decided that it was time to set some firm goals for myself instead of constantly saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to one day…” 

So, that’s it. 2008. The year I’m walking Spain. 

Why am I waiting so long? Well to be truthful, finances. It isn’t going to be cheap when you add up plane fare, equipment, 25 euros a day, time o! from work. But plans are now coming together. It’s going to happen. I even asked my friends and family to keep me to my word on this one. 

I’m going to figure on about 30 days to complete the pilgrimage. I’ve invited my sons and Sandy to join me. But only if they feel they really want to and we can make arrangements for the kids to finish school early as I intend to go in May. Otherwise they will fly out and meet me at Santiago de Compostela. 

From there we intend to go to Grenada to see the Alhambra and to hopefully meet some friends, including two that we haven’t seen in far to long that now live in Australia. Ah, to drink wine with friends at a sidewalk café in Spain. Could it get better? 

Next, I hope, we will catch a train to Germany and meet with my mother. I hope to spend a week there. After which she may visit old friends and Sandy and I will take the the kids to England for a week or two. 

So, that’s the plan. Rough, but we still have until spring 2008 to fill in the details. A resource that has been invaluable to me is the Little Company of Pilgrims Note: this was moved from a static page which is now gone… 

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