25 km and Still Alive 

25 km and Still Alive 

Last Saturday I walked out to the in-law’s farm. I took a city bus to the outskirts of town, then brace with a fine cup of co!ee I set o! for the farm. You notice a lot more of your surroundings when you walk as compared to when you drive. I was a bit surprised by some of the cool and interesting things I saw along the way. There was dead tree that was about 20 feet in height and all dark and shriveled that made me wish I had brought along a camera. Also, there was a very cool yard that I passed that had some metal-work art in the yard that was nice to stop at a view for a bit. 

The first third was not too bad at all. I celebrated the one-third mark with a five-minute rest in the parking lot of a small road-side restaurant. 

The second third was bit more e!ort, even so I was glad to get to my planned rest stop to eat some pita, cheese and an apple while letting my feet rest and my shoes and sock air. 

The final third started well, but the last four kilometres was sheer bloody unpleasant. But I made it to the farm, no blisters, feeling alright over all with no more than some shaky legs. I was overjoyed. Then I remembered that I’ll need to do this every day in Spain. 

Back to training… 

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