Muskrat Love

Muskrat Love

Last night Sandy and I went for a short walk. We ended up at a small footbridge near our house.

The footbridge spans a small creek that is lined with tall prairie grasses and flowers. It is home to some small amphibians, ducks, and some rumoured muskrats. The bridge itself is quite nice with a lovely arch to it and at night it is softly lit with some small lights along the handrails. Not too far away the creek is crossed by a railway bridge that is home – we believe – to some bats.

It was a nice night. We were watching the water ease by when we heard some small splashes. We quietly watched as several muskrats swam back and forth under the bridge. We watched their dark slender bodies moved across the dark surface of water leaving small arrow-head wakes. After about ten minutes it felt like we were intruding and we moved on.

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